By now, my dears, you all know that I like to experiment,

always trying new eco-friendly solutions to reduce waste and my impact

on the environment. Sometimes I succeed, at other times I’m not sure

but it’s worth the effort: something that doesn't work well for me

might be good for someone else.

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At a certain point in my life I gave up city living and left for Australia to cultivate

my passions. Right from the start of the trip, thanks to the opportunities I had

with WWOOF, I carried with me a paradigm that follows me in everything I do,

one that has filled my life with experiences, with humanity, with sharing,

and even material treasures to this day.

"Exchanging leaves me richer!” It’s one of my favorite mantras.

wwoof at Cherrytop Organic Farm - Tasmania

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Christmas is almost here….and along with that beautiful atmosphere

of love and peace, alas, comes a frantic flood of consumerism!

I don’t love spending time in the shops, except those run

by friends who make truly special things, and so I’ve come up

with another way of giving gifts.


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Today I am not going to refrain myself and I’ll talk about Monia!

I had the pleasure to have her here at L’Albero di Eliana at the end of July, i

n occasion of her birthday. She treated herself with a weekend in Matera

on her own, to “celebrate herself”, a great idea, isn’t it?

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I like preparing homemade sweets to my guests for breakfast.

Preparing something with your hands, with local ingredients and with love

brings a new flavour to your table, don’t you think so?

It’s not sure it works well but at least I enjoy the therapeutic effect,

given by making a cake, and the nice smell of freshly baked sweet in my house.

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